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john bamberger

Great idea! being in a local bluegrass band that is looking for exposure we appreciate it!

Wichita Rutherford

Excellent. I'm really excited about all the music that is coming in!

Shaun Batho

Hi Wichita. I hope you get a chance to play some of the stuff I sent you and hope you and your listeners enjoy it. Thank you in advance. Acoustic Blue

Rick Baldwin

Hey WR,when youre getting all beat up by union station,you shut your eyes or keep them open?

Wichita Rutherford

I try to keep them open but I really don't want to see what's coming next.

luke stamper

Hey Witchita...Do you have a list of the bands you will feature on the May 8th & 9th shows? Curious to see if my band made it. Thanks!

The Mon River Ramblers

James Langer

Hey Witchita did you ever get to play our cd for the fans..What did you think of it...

Acrossthetrack Bluegrass


You played my friend Cutch Tuttle's band "Hound Dog Hill Boys" song Chewin' the other week and I loved to hear it on XM!

Thank you !

jd westmoreland

DEvil TRain is a fan of your show.. take care.

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